The title of "Golagola"
Episode no. 12a
Air date May 6, 2003
Story by Naomi Iwata
Written by Brian Lasenby
Storyboard by Kenzi Hashizume
Supervising Directors Mike Fallows, Atsushi Miyake, Makoto Iwasaki
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Bot And Switch
Operation Papazoni

Golagola is 12a and twenty-third episode of Pecola.


Pecola decides to go by Cube Town’s bay when while playing with his inflatable seahorse, it loses its plugs and the Pecola’s sinking in deep water. A sea monster named Golagola comes to Pecola’s rescue.

Plot SummaryEdit

Pecola can't swim, so thank goodness he is rescued when his inflatable seahorse loses its plug. But who is this rescuer? Golagola is a sea creature, lost a long way from home and in need of a friend. So Pecola decides to take him home and show him Cube Town. Unfortunately the rest of the town sees Golagola as more of curiosity to be shown off and celebrated. This is not the life Golagola wants, he just wants to go back to his home. Good thing Dr. Chu is such a brilliant mouse. In no time he's figured out where Golagola is from and is set to take him there in his submarine.




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