High and Dry
The title of "High and Dry"
Episode no. 13a
Air date May 7, 2003
Written by Nicole Demerse
Storyboard by Kiyoshi Okuyama
Supervising Directors Mike Fallows, Atsushi Miyake, Makoto Iwasaki
Episode guide
Operation Papazoni
Two Brilliant Inventors

High and Dry is 13a and twenty-fifth episode of Pecola.


Pecola meets a new friend through Pecolius’ old rainbox. Pecola’s friend is a cloud and she only causes trouble as rain ruins Cube Town’s great weather.

Plot SummaryEdit

Pecola has a new friend, thanks to Pecolius? rain box. It lets out a cloud when Pecola wishes for rain. And everyone is glad to see the cloud because it's been hot and sunny in Cube Town for weeks. Pecola and the cloud help all the citizens, giving them water to wash the cars and water the gardens. And after that's done, time to play. They join in a game of soccer, but the cloud plays rough, and pretty soon the others don't want to play anymore. In fact the cloud seems to be getting out of hand. Pecola encourages him to go join the storm clouds and be free, not cooped up in the rain box anymore.




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