Miss Lucky's Bloopers
The title of "Miss Lucky's Bloopers"
Episode no. 6b
Air date April 28, 2003
Written by Erika Strobel
Storyboard by Andrew Tan
Supervising Directors Mike Fallows, Atsushi Miyake, Makoto Iwasaki
Episode guide
One Lonely Night
Spring Cleaning

Miss Lucky's Bloopers is 6b and twelfth episode of Pecola.


Miss Lucky’s television show is canceled because of low ratings after the new show "Big City Life" premiered with very high ratings.

Plot SummaryEdit

Pecola's favourite TV show is Bloopers, people just make such goofballs out of themselves. But most of Cube Town would rather watch Big City Life, the new reality TV show from Cube City. It's so popular, Miss Lucky's own local show has been cancelled. But Pecola's got an idea to get Miss Lucky back on the air. She can host her own reality TV show in Cube Town and send the tape in to Big City Life. Pecola even offers to do the camera work. But it turns out that Cube Town's citizens aren't exactly the heroes that Big City Life usually features. They're actually more like goofballs. So the show is a hit on Bloopers and Miss Lucky gets hired to do a new comedy show. All is well again, thanks to Pecola.




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