Pecola is a 3D Japanese anime series from Canada which stars cube-shaped anthropomorphic animals in a place called Cube Town. It is based on a series of children's picture books by Naomi Iwata.

It was produced by Nelvana and Milky Cartoon. It uses the same graphic style as another series created by Iwata: Gregory Horror Show.


The series aired on Cartoon Network in 2003 after airing on a previous channel for a while, and also it aired on TV Tokyo, Teletoon in Canada, YoYo TV in Taiwan, Nick Jr. Australia, and also on Qubo in the US.

Currently, Pecola can be watched on the Qubo channel about three-four times a day.


The show stars Pecola, a curious and hyperactive penguin who tries to help the people of Cube Town but often wreaks havoc instead!


The series takes place in Cube Town. A small, isolated coastal village. It has many shops and buildings in the town and it often attacts tourist from the nearby Metropolis called Cubic City.

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There are many residents that live, and/or visit Cube Town. For more information on Characters make sure to visit the Characters Page! Which works as a directory for all of the character related pages.

The most known characters in the series are:

  • Pecola: The main trouble-making penguin who only wishes to help out. He lives with his grandfather, Pecolius.
  • Little Chu/Chewy: A nervous little mouse who is the grandson of Dr. Chu. He is Pecola's best friend.
  • Coco: A girl penguin who is a total opposite of Pecola. She is down to earth and tries to be reasonable about things.


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There are a total of 26 episodes produced and made for Pecola. There are two episodes in a half hour episode with a commercial in between them. Each segment is about ten-eleven minutes long in length for a total of fifty-two episodes in total.


This show, being based on a series of childrens books has made sure to present typical children oriented themes during its run. Such as the following:

  • The role of the community in teaching lessons to younger generations.
  • That adults were once young too and occasionally enjoy revisiting youthful activities.
  • Being a true friend and caring for someone by acting selfless and considering their wants and needs before your own.
  • Taking responsibility for your actions and correcting the damage that results afterwards.

Self-humor and other curousitiesEdit

Running GagsEdit

  1. Every time Pecola comes to Mr. Saruyama's shop or interacts with the monkey, his perfectly stacked piles of Melons are knocked down in some shape or form.
  2. Mr. Bernard always sleeps on the job but also gets all of the credit for doing the work.
  3. Mayor Papazoni generally doesn't notice his speeches induce sleepiness. Also they tend to go into "Blah blah blah" territory.
  4. Coco's horrible singing!
  5. Pecola, Chewy, and Rudy's infatuation with Steamer.
  6. Jabatt and Bashatt's constant clumsiness.
  7. Steamer is always repairing her train The Cactus which is prone to breakdowns.
  8. Mr. Puggalski's market stocks exotic canned goods like caramel coated kumquats and jalapeño-flavored oatmeal.


  • In the episode Gazelle's Goof, Hillary leaves in Gazelle's car to spend the day in Cubic City. Usually Cube Town is portrayed as a small isolated land and depends on ships to get mail and other items. Another example includes "The Wild Ride" when Hillary and Gazelle lament their isolation from Cubic City. Which makes no sense if a trip to Cubic City is possible via a roadway.
  • In the episode Miss Lucky's Bloopers a reference is made to Miss Lucky's cameraman. But this person is never seen and in wide shots of her stand ups Miss Lucky is shown standing in front of a stationary camera with no one operating it.
  • In the episode Monster Moth, Rudy at one point says "Hi Mom!" into Miss Lucky's camera. But his parents are never shown in the series or otherwise mentioned.
  • In the some of the shows episodes Dectetive Pecola, Hide and Go Sleep, and The Mysterious Pecola, a mysterious alligator often mysteriously visits the small island. He comes to Cube Town to take picturees and then hides them when he is seen. The reason as to why is left unanswered even when the show ended. Based on his appearances in the show it seems his purpose and appearances have been used to provide a purpose of being the source of mystery.

Self JokesEdit

  • In the episode Golagola, when Pecola turns on the TV to watch cartoons the opening title sequence is shown.
  • In some episodes, Pecola is seen with a camera whose brand name is "Alocep", which is "Pecola" backwards.
  • In the episode Coco's Concert the song she practices and sings is the theme song for the show. Her "strained" voice where she suddenly sounds great is the actual singer of the theme performing.

Other MediaEdit

Other then a set of childrens books. A video game was released in Japan for the series titled "Pekora no Daibouken Maboroshi no Aisukurimu wo sagase!" (very loosely translating as "Pecola Adventure: Search for the Ice Cream Phantom".)

Also released have been DVD's of the series in Japan, Taiwan, Autralia, and France. Despite its many showings in the US it does not have any DVDs