Age 6
Gender Male
Species Penguin
First Appearance Double Trouble
Voiced By ENG: Austin DiIulio

JP: Mayumi Asano

Pecola (ペコラ, pekora) is a main character from Pecola series.

A penguin who brings excitement to the otherwise dull and boring town. Unlike his fellow penguins, Pecola cannot swim. His catchphrases include "Flapping flippers!" and "Let's get hopping!" Pecola has a special love of pudding and a reputation for pulling pranks. He has a huge crush on Steamer, making him, Rudy, and Chewy rivals for her affection.



Pecola is a little penguin who always seems to get into trouble, even though he's only trying to help! But he does bring excitement to the otherwise dull and boring Cube Town. He LOVES pudding and pulling pranks. His catch phrases are "Flippin Flippers!" and "Let's get Hoppin!"



Pecoly Pants lives in his house.



  • Pecola and Rudy are the only characters to have catchphrases.

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